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There's hardly a day where we do not encounter some brilliant idea or another about applications and products, which immediately entails the question: "how come it wasn't done yet?" A very good question indeed.

It's all a matter of experience. Like a successful trip forever memorable for being a good experience – that is exactly how a good experience is retained in one's consciousness in the virtual world. It is also important to remember that a pleasant experience, not only quality content – is what leaves an average surfer longer than 7 seconds on the page he is in.

The development of a certain brand is a legitimate thing, and actually every visual brand has a timeline and its own evolution. Brands are born in many different ways

This project was done with passion and love for art.

It is about Art, Peace between cultures and relogions in Israel.

It sound like a fiction, or almost a "mission impossible" to merge it all togther to one Art event.