The development of a certain brand is a legitimate thing, and actually every visual brand has a timeline and its own evolution.

Brands are born in many different ways:

  • A person having an idea and a 'hunch' (right intuitions).

  • A group of people engaged in brainstorming

  • Strategy based, a focus group combined with professionals


"There are actually no rules in branding; on the contrary, there is a big 'chaos' and a pandemonium"


Brand Religion - The holy trinity:

The Name

The Tagline

And The Holy Logo




There are actually no rules in branding; on the contrary, there is a big 'chaos' and a pandemonium, however as someone who lives and breathes the field for many years now, I can testify that it is possible to develop a sort of 'intelligence' which is able to support the mind and the heart upon encounter with a brand or with a branding process, and to forge a good intuitive decision, capable of operating amidst the loud "noise".


A good brand must represent a good business

there is a widespread misconception in the public, according to which it is enough for a product to be a fine visual product in order to become a brand. This is a mistake, and both things must work together and produce a successful business which is also a memorable and loved brand. However, a successful business may operate as such and be successful without turning into a brand.




Brands in the digital era and in applications

As opposed to other worlds, which are subjected to Brand Religion, when dealing with application, the question which comes to mind is: "what comes first, the egg or the chicken?" – the branding or the design of the user interface.

Is it correct to brand an application and set color for the brand before the product and the nature of the user experience are fully materialized, or should that be done only after those stages?

This question also doesn't have a single clear-cut answer. It is possible to choose and follow either option.

As someone who has been living in the Brand Religion for many years now (maybe, unconsciously, since I was born), I would choose the brand as the "egg".

It is true that the brand and its visual DNA should be at the head of the hierarchy and provide the product the strategy based brand values and thus to pass to the product and that way to influence the user.

In order that the process will be right and optimal, it is recommended that at the same time the designer of the brand receives the strategy, he will also receive the design of the user experience and treat it as an integral part of the strategy.


How is a brand reflected and expressed in UI

A brand carries in it important visual and textual values which can and should be reflected in the colorfulness of the interface, the geometry of the different elements, the micro copy language, the animations and the general atmosphere.

Hence, in spite of the progress and the "lean" branding launched on technological products such as, for example, UBER applications – a young, 7 years old, company, which at the age of 5 decided and was wise enough to conduct a re-branding, I believe that the general thinking that should be adhered to is that Brand = King, while Product = Prince, whereas at the absence of the king, the price will take his place.